Invited Speakers

Foreign Speakers

S.No Name Website University Core Research Area
1 Prof. Peter Bastian IWR, University of Heidelberg, Germany Numerical solution of partial differential equations (PDEs)
Software for Numerics of PDEs (I am one of the DUNE core developers)
High performance computing
Applications in energy and environment (flows in porous media)
Computational neuroscience
2 Prof. Robert Strzodka University of Heidelberg, Germany Application Specific Computing
3 Prof. Jakob Zech IWR, University of Heidelberg, Germany Theory and computational methods for bio-physical and chemical problems
4 Prof. Oriol Vendrell University of Heidelberg, Germany Ultrafast molecular science
Molecule-light interaction
Time-resolved spectroscopies
Non-adiabatic phenomena
5 Prof. Guido Kanschat IWR, University of Heidelberg, Germany DG_FEM
Adaptive discretizations and error estimators
MultiGrid Methods
6 Prof. Vincent Heuveline University of Heidelberg, Germany Uncertainty quantification
Data Mining
High-Performance Computing
Hardware-aware computing
7 Prof. Vadym Aizinger University of Bayreuth Numerical methods for partial differential equations
High performance computing
Modeling of climate and its compartments
8 Prof. Alexander Heinlein TU Delft, Netherlands Numerical analysis
Domain decomposition methods
High-performance computing
Scientific machine learning
9 Prof. Artur Andrzejak PVS, University of Heidelberg, Germany AI for Programming, Software Engineering, Distributed Systems

Indian Speakers – Academic

No. Name Website Country Organization Core Research Area
1 Prof. Praveen Chandrashekar India TIFR CAM Scientific computing
2 Dr Nagaiah Chamakuri India IISER TVM Numerical analysis and
Scientific computing

Indian Speakers – Industry

No. Name Website Country Organization Core Research Area
1 Dr. Chiranjib Sur India Shell, India Scientific Software Development
2 Dr. Suranjan Sarkar India Shell, India Systems Modeling,
Computational Science and Digital Innovation
3 Dr. Subodh Madhav Joshi India Shell, India Physics Informed Machine Learning,
Simulation Based Digital Twins
4 Speakers from Intel-India India Intel AI
5 Speaker from NVIDIA India NVIDIA