IGCM 2023

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Indo-German conference on Computational Mathematics: Challenges and Opportunities towards scientific computing and machine learning (IGCM) is jointly organised by Department of CDS IISc and IWR Hidelberg Germany will be held at Department of Computational and Data Sciences, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India, during month of March 27-30,2023. The project is supported by DAAD and UGC


The purpose of this Indo-German conference is to provide an interdisciplinary platform for researchers to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, and the challenges in the frontier areas of computational mathematics. IGCM aims to foster interactions among the Scientific Computing and Machine Learning research communities and to provide a platform to present and discuss challenges and opportunities in combining process and data-driven modelling. The conference topics include but are not limited to numerical analysis of partial differential equations (PDEs) & stochastic PDEs, physics-informed neural networks, efficient and robust numerical schemes for solving complex problems, optimal control and inverse problems, scalable parallel algorithms and hardware-aware scientific computing.

Call for Participation

Interested participants are encouraged to submit one page abstract for oral or poster presentation. Only accepted abstracts will be considered for presentation. please register for the conference here

Focussed Topics

Numerical PDE

  • 1. Numerics of PDE
  • 2. PDE Constrained optimisation problems
  • 3. High dimensional problems

Scientific Machine Learning

  • 1. Data/Process driven modelling
  • 2. Uncertainity quantification
  • 3. Physics Informed Neural Networks(PINNs)

High Performance Computing

  • 1. Heterogeneous Computing
  • 2. Hybrid Parallel Algorithms

Organising Institutes