The Computational Mathematics Group in the Department of Computational and Data Sciences is under the Division of Interdisciplinary Research at Indian Institute of Science Bangalore, India.

The group focus is on the development and advancement of robust numerical (finite element) methods for solving partial differential equations (PDEs) which describe incompressible fluid flows and species concentration and/or energy in complex systems. The group has ongoing collaboration with several academic in Germany. The group works on Рbut is not limited to Рimplementing efficient algorithms for high-performance computing. 

Areas of current research

  • Finite element method for the spatial discretization of PDEs
  • Stabilization methods for convection dominated problems
  • Operator splitting/ADI methods for high-dimensional (>3) PDEs
  • Multigrid methods, ALE approach for moving meshes
  • Numerical algorithms for high-performance computing

Areas of application

  • Free surface flows, Multi-phase flows, ¬†Flows with surfactant/viscoelasticity
  • Droplet deformation and moving contact line problems
  • Crystallization process
  • Bio-medical flows