Computational Mathematics Group (CMG) in the Department of Computational and Data Sciences is under the Division of Interdisciplinary Research at Indian Institute of Science Bangalore, India.

We are interested in developing accurate, efficient and robust numerical (finite element) schemes for solving partial differential equations (PDEs) that model several physical and industrial problems. Some of our research topics are

Finite Element Analysis

  • finite element methods for the solution of PDEs and surface PDEs
  • stabilization (SUPG, LPS) and variational multiscale methods
  • multigrid methods, ALE approach for moving meshes
  • stability, convergence analysis and error estimates
  • splitting methods for high-dimensional (>3) PDEs

High Performance Computing

  • ParMooN, an open-source finite element software development
  • efficient, robust, scalable finite element algorithms
  • OpenMP and MPI based hybrid parallel algorithms
  • parallel geometric multigrid solver


Computational Fluid Dynamics

  • free surface and two-phase flows with surfactants and heat transfer
  • moving contact line problems, dynamics contact angles
  • flows in reactors, fluid-structure interaction problems
  • turbulent flows with moving/deforming solid bodies
  • flows with floating bodies, ship hydrodynamics
  • population balance systems in crystallizers
  • flows with boundary and interior layers
  • complex (viscoelastic) fluid flows


Bio-medical Applications

  • flow through nasal cavities and respiratory tract
  • terahertz heating effects in realistic tissues
  • biophysical model of cancer invasion
  • computational models for eye