ParMooN (Parallel Mathematics and object oriented Numerics) is an open source finite element package for the scalable (parallel) solution of partial differential equations.

  • Continuous, discontinuous, non-conforming 1D, 2D and 2D finite elements of several orders
  • geometric multigrid and algebraic multigrid solvers
  • integrate UMFPACK and MUMPS solver
  • supports Gmsh, Triangle, TetGen
  • singularly perturbed boundary value problems
  • incompressible Navier-Stokes flows
  • viscoelastic (non-Newtonian) flows
  • heat and species concentration equations
  • moving boundary value problems, free surface and two phase flows with/without surfactants
  • population balance equations in 4D

ParMooN Supports MPI and  hybrid MPI-OpenMP and CUDA parallelism