Release notes and History

  • ParMooN version 1.0: Linux 64 bit, Mac OS  (released on 28 Nov 2016, on the occasion of birthday of  Prof. Lutz Tobiska) can be downloaded here
    • The sequential version of finite element package ParMooN has been released in this version.
    • Solvers for stationary and time-dependent convection-diffusion-reaction equations and Navier-Stokes equations in stationary domains are included in this version
    • More than 100 finite elements in 2d and 3d are included
    • In addition to in-build mesh generator, interface to Triangle, TetGen and Gmsh mesh generators are available
    • Both algebraic and geometric multigrid solvers and interface to direct solver (UMFPACK) are included
    • Output results in VTK file format will be provided, it is compatible with ParView and Visit
    • Parallel version of ParMooN will be available in the next release, which is planned in Mar/April 2017