ParMooN Workshop – Software PreRequisites

In order to run ParMooN in your systems during workshop , The participants are requested to install and setup the below mentioned pre requisites ,

  • Install Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Operating System (if not already installed). As other distributions of Linux may or may not support Intel Parallel Studio, we recommend going for Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
  • Register on with your institutional mail id to download Intel Parallel Studio XE Student Version.
  • Install Intel Parallel Studio XE for Linux. Please follow section 3.3 (skip step number 5) of the installation guide( end of page ).

These are the additional Software packages that needs to be installed for running ParMooN in your systems

  • cmake – For Building Codes
  • gcc – Compiler
  • g++ – Compiler
  • git – version Control
  • paraview – for visualisation of results
  • nano – text editor
  • Visual studio Code – Open Source IDE for Linux