System Requirements:

  • Install C/C++ compiler, eg. GCC
  • Install cmake-gui,
  • Install Github
    • ubuntu: “sudo apt-get install git
  • Install BLAS, preferably INTEL MKL
  • If you are using Mac, install MacPorts in addition
  • Download the latest version of ParMooN:

Installing ParMooN:

ParMoon can be installed in Linux and Mac operating systems. Note that you need MacPorts in Mac.

  1. cd” into the directory where you want to install ParMooN, and run
    git clone
  2. Build and install the recently unpacked sources:
    • cd ParMooN
    • mkdir BUILD
    • cd BUILD
    • cmake-gui ../ or cmake ../

    Suppose cmake-gui is used, then do the following on cmake window:

    •  click Configure 
      • it may ask to “Specify the generator for the project”, select “Use default native compiler” and click “Done/Finish”
    •   click Configure 
      • Now you just need to select Value only for the variables (Name) starting with AParMooN_
      • double click the Value of AParMooN_ARCH
        • select one of the values LINUX64, MAC64, INTEL64, etc
      • double click the Value of AParMooN_GEO
        • select one of the values 1D, 2D, 3D
        • click Configure before go the next step, if you change this value
      • double click the Value of AParMooN_MODEL
        • select the 2D or 3D main program that you want. Note if you changed AParMooN_GEO value,  click Configure once again to see the respective main program
      • double click the Value of AParMooN_OUTPUT_DIR
        • select one of the values where you want to save your exe file (execution directory)
      • double click the Value of AParMooN_PARALLEL_TYPE
        • select one of the values SEQUENTIAL, SMPI, MPI, OMPONLY, HYBRID
    •   click Configure 
    •   click Generate 
    •   close Cmake 
  3. Now you will be in the BUILD folder
    • make